Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Erotic Animation

First animation we've decided to share.
It's a bit choppy and requires using slowmotionviz to prevent any neck injuries ;)

Also, this was originally made to have the male leaning on a pool table.
Also, you might want to pick up CMAR's morphing penis mod to get things in the right spot. Here

Animation codes (you can run with pose player, but it only goes through anim one time, so use Cmomoney's animation player, here


Her: a_cw_animhead_f1
Him: a_cw_animhead_m1

set up two animation players, enter the codes, pause game, cue both players to play looped. When the animation starts, if the sims are not in the right place, with Move Objects on cheat, slide them into position in buy mode (holding alt down lets you ignore the grid and moves them smoothly)

I used cheat screen, 'slowmotionviz 6' in the second frame of the video, the first part of the video is without that cheat. You might want 'slowmotionviz 8'.
Unzip, place in packages

Admittedly it's a bit choppy, but we're working on more soon.

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